Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Tony Buzan mind mapping at the Learning & Skills Group conference


I attended a Learning & Skills group conference yesterday.  My highlight was a presentation from Tony Buzan (listen to my Audioboo):



And I’ve also had a go using the iMindMap software that was described in the presentation to develop a mind map of the conference:

Learning Skills Group mindmap


I used to use mind mapping quite extensively and have included mind mapping on a number of development programmes I’ve run, but have got out of the habit.  And I’ve also used a couple of different software systems in the past but none that works quite as easily as this.  We’ll have to see whether it encourages me to rediscover the habit.



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    1. Everyone at the office thinks I'm a bit potty using mind maps. Whereas everyone else is scrawling horrible lists and tracts of notes I've got a lovely diagram of my thoughts.

      I absolutely swear by them though. They help structure things and I use them for everything from taking minutes, todo lists, shopping, etc.


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