Sunday, 1 July 2007


The mission of Strategic Dynamics Consultancy Services Ltd is to help organisational and individual clients successfully implement HR strategies in an environment of uncertainty and continual change.

Most recently, we have specialised in developing and implementing innovative Human Capital Management (HCM) strategies that extend beyond HR's current agenda. These strategies differentiate businesses from their competitors and help public / voluntary sector organisations transform their services.

What makes us unique are our beliefs that:

  • People are a key source of innovation and competitive advantage - we use this insight to help transform people and organisational capability
  • People are the focus of effective change – we work with, not against, the quirks of human spirit and the dynamics of human behaviour
  • People work best in open, challenging, collaborative relationships – our consultancy services are based on this approach.

In all of our work, we produce tangible and significant business outcomes by creating value in people management and development.

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