Monday, 10 May 2010

HCI webcast: Telling the European brand story


    I’m already involved with the Human Capital Institute in the US, delivering its Human Capital Strategist certification programme in the UK and Europe.


I’m now going to be presenting HCI’s first webcast focused specifically on the European market:

Telling the European Brand Story

Track: Talent Strategy in UK/Europe
WEBCAST: Webcast Airs: June 25, 2010 * New, updated date *

We often hear about the need to continually attract, motivate and retain our employees. Many of us tie these issues to our employee brand and continually strive to become an employer of choice. But are we missing out on opportunities to utilize technology to improve our brand and solidify our place in the global market? Technologies that are already being utilized by your company can assist you in maintaining brand integrity and driving employee engagement.

This webcast will look at multiple technology platform that can work with your existing brand-- and provide big results at a small investment level. We'll look at corporate social networking as a tool to create "employee ambassadors" and see how creating relationship brands and leveraging the social web can promote grass roots brand engagement. We'll also examine best practices from companies who have leveraged their technology systems-- and find out what pitfalls to avoid.


You can register for the webcast here.




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