Friday, 29 October 2010

Top influential online recruiter?


   I’ve been identified as #8 in John Sumer’s / HRExaminer’s list of top 25 influential online recruiters (v2)  (only one of of three people – with Bill Boorman and Peter Gold – from the UK).

I was delighted to be identified as #20 top HR online influencer and then #1 talent management online influencer last year, but I’m not too sure what to say about this one.

I’m not a recruiter, that’s for sure.

And I don’t think I even blog about recruiting that frequently – talent management and employer branding yes, and I suppose social recruiting more recently as well.

I don’t even work in this area that much.  I led a few major and strategic recruitment programmes when I was an HRD at Ernst & Young.  But until recently, I’d not really done that much in the recruitment space since then.

It’s my interest in social media that’s been starting to bring me back in – I really want to work on Enterprise 2.0 projects, but HR people I speak to seem to be more interested in HR 2.0, and within that, it tends to be social recruiting that takes a lead.

So I am working with clients on recruitment now.

But a top 25 online influencer – I don’t know…



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