Saturday 1 December 2012

Innovation vs efficiency

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 10.17.03.png  I try to post on most of the conference I attend, but sometimes struggle to get as much time as I'd like.  One that I've missed posting on was T-E-N's session on HR Innovation for HR Excellence which I chaired recently.

The conference was run without press attendance to encourage authentic contribution so I can't post on the proceedings, but I would like to comment on the key topics of the agends, which were:


My key question for this last topic was how innovative do we really want to be.  There is a fairly prevalent view around that HR is just about doing basic things well (e.g. this post).  In contrast, my own perspective is that there is a huge need for new thinking.

I thought it was interesting that the CIPD annual conference which was taking place at the same time was also reviewing the same topic, with Gary Hamel suggesting that 'management is a busted flush'.   I'm on his side on this debate.

So whilst it's great to see the CIPD doing new research on HR and innovation...

"Competing in a global economy in difficult times requires new ways of thinking and doing. It’s easy to think of innovation as invention, challenging product development and refinement. However, in reality a great deal of innovation is about rethinking and reorganising systems, processes and structures. It’s about changing the way people work together and how work is performedand organised."


… it be even better to see them focusing more deeply on innovation within HR.


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  1. It is good when people spend time on improving what they do instead of figuring out how other people should be fixed. The amount of advice on how others should improve dwarfs that on how I/we should improve. Trying to actual improve yourself you have to deal with all the challenges while if you just tell others you let them cope with it.

    "even better to see them focusing more deeply on innovation within HR"

  2. Thanks John, I'm always looking to improve...


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