Monday, 17 October 2016

Techno Dreams in Recruitment

I've been quoted in this article in Recruiter magazine: Techno Dreams Become Reality.

The article explores the use of predictive analytics, serious gaming and virtual reality in recruitment and is well worth reading.

I comment on the role of machine learning:

Machine learning is a part of predictive analytics that is helping recruiters to use technology far more intelligently. “Machine learning raises the potential of being able to analyse even deeper patterns within the data produced within and around recruitment,” says Jon Ingham, people and organisation development strategist at the consultancy Strategic Dynamics. He believes that while recruiters and candidates are busy getting on board with social media and mobile, technology development has hit a plateau – but that is set to change.  

“The drivers of these changes are around IT analytics, particularly when blended with machine learning systems to deepen the amount of insight we can generate quickly and easily,” he says. “The next five years will be really exciting as these technologies take hold.”

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