Thursday 2 August 2018

Presenting at Symposium Future of Work

I'll also be presenting at Symposium's Future of Work summit in October.

I'm doing the final slot and will be taking the suggestions of the other presenters and helping attendees understand what to do with them to make the best impact in their own organisations:

Designing a Best Fit Future of Work Strategy
  • The need for best fit in a strategic approach to capture the full potential of the future of work
  • Focusing on employee experience through design thinking including future focused personas and increasing personalisation
  • Selecting organisational, staffing and technological options to meet objectives and principles
  • The role of data, analytics and change agent networks in supporting and leading the transformation

If you'd like a free pass to attend with me I may be able to provide one (to just one person) - in which case, let me know why you'd like to attend and how many drinks you'll buy me later.

Get in touch for more information, or to develop your organisation's response to the future of work:
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