Sunday, 2 November 2008

360 Degree Review / US Elections


   Given that my last post on the UK party leaders has gone out just before the US elections, it's an obvious follow-on to consider what would have been the feedback on Barack Obama and John McCain there.

This is my impression:

  • Authenticity: Obama ahead, given more consistency over the campaign
  • Vision: Obama ahead, as McCain's differentiation from Bush seems to have reduced
  • Hires great people: Obama ahead (Palin, ahem!)
  • Resilience: McCain ahead (off the scale)
  • Sees what's around the corner: A close tie
  • Executes to completion: Too early to call!


I don't think this election is going to be won just on leadership competencies, but I do think Obama's likely stronger showing on a leadership 360, is one of the reasons he received my vote (and those of most of the rest of the world).

If you're interested in this agenda, I recommend the Wayne Turmel (the Cranky Middle Managers)'s insightful post, Two Faces of Leadership, also included in the recent Carnival.