Tuesday, 15 December 2009

More on Next Generation HR (Talking HR 022)


CIPD Sustainable Organisational Performance   Tonight’s Talking HR show (#022) took the CIPD’s New Generation HR research that I’ve discussed before for a deeper and fuller review.

However, although I tried to be positive, my reactions to the research report remained largely the same.  Krishna seemed to think very much the same as me as well.  And it looks as if you agree with us too – 24 of you have responded to my survey asking about what you believe provides the basis for Next Generation HR in your organisation.  These are the results with 20 hours to go:


  • Sustainable Organisational Performance (CIPD)  4 (16%)
  • Human Capital Management  9 (37%)
  • The Social Business  5 (20%)
  • Behavioural HR  4 (16%)
  • Externally Focused HR  3 (12%)
  • Green HR  2 (8%)
  • HR 2.0  6 (25%)
  • Imagination Based HR  4 (16%)
  • Evidence Based HR  4 (16%)
  • Strengths Based HR  2 (8%)
  • Other  1 (4%)



I’m really interested and impressed that Human Capital Management and HR 2.0 top your votes (have you see these two things mentioned anywhere else recently??? – perhaps at the top of this blog for instance?), with both these options, and the Social Business scoring more highly than the CIPD’s suggestion, Sustainable Organisational Performance.


Find the show here

And the show notes here (including all the resources mentioned on the show).





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