Monday, 10 January 2011

Exit as the Keystone to a Retention / Partnership process


  As I noted in my previous post, both my workshop group’s thinking on retention processes, and my previous notes on career partnership, suggest that retention / partnership consist of a series of sub-processes, particularly head hunting; delivering the deal; proactive exit and alumni management.

I find it interesting that I came to the same conclusion about retention through by a process perspective and a more intuitive one.

But what I find yet more interesting is what the process perspective suggests about the role of the proactive exit sub-process, supporting points I’d already made in response to my earlier responses to comments on my hack at the MIX.

And that is, that out of all four sub-processes, it is the proactive exit one that is key.  In fact, I’ve begun to think about this as being like the keystone in a bridge.  All of the other sub-processes stand on their own – the proactive exit one only makes sense when placed within this cyclical retention /  partnership process (this is the reason that the proactive exit sub-process seems so odd).  But it when this sub-process is combined with the others that the whole retention / partnership process starts to really work (becoming more strategic and proactive).




And also please note that, as of today (Monday 10th January), you’ve still got 9 days to comment / vote on my proposed hack on the MIX.


Photo credit: John S Turner


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