Wednesday 5 October 2011

#HRTechConf – my HR 2.0 presentation


   Thanks to everyone for attending my session on HR 2.0 this morning.  I’m amazed there was so many of you and apologise for those of you who had to stand at the back.  And I’m pleased the feedback seems to suggest most of you enjoyed it (I did notice a few of you fall asleep, but I hope there are other reasons for that).

Sorry I ran out of time to take you through all the case studies I wanted to – I must admit I hadn’t anticipated taking my introductory inputs to take as long as they did.  However, I do believe that focusing on these was important so that you all understand what all the case studies are about, ie what’s the similarity between them, and also why they are all so different (ie that the choice of social technology and social approaches is so dependent upon the social outcomes you want to create, plus the content you’re working in, and so on).

You’ll also find some of these case studies discussed on this blog (my HR one), and on my other one (my social capital one).  And they’ll all be covered in my book – whenever I manage to complete it!

Sorry also that I ran out of time to have much conversation with you - I even forgot to ask what was going on in Twitter!: 

 Kristen Thane Clark 
Social Networking session w/out mentioning a single social network-truly about interactions, not systems!  
 Yvette Cameron 
Teams are the most important unit of the Biz. Develop individuals so they effectively influence team performance. 
 Alexia Lexy Martin 
 Yvette Cameron 
The HR2.0 challenge: transform HR from focusing on Human Resources to Human Relationships  
 Robert Torio 
: HR 2.0 = Move from Human Resources to Human Relationships
Do we reward teams the same way we recognize and reward individuals? HR 2.0 thought.  
 Yvette Cameron 
Should HR change its language to be more about business or should business change its lang. to be more about people? 
 Organizations have to be human before they become social 
 Kristen Thane Clark 
Ready for  's session to start: HR 2.0 is filling up! 


Anyway, thanks for the questions you did ask.  If you’ve got more questions that I didn’t manage to answer after the end of the session, please jot them down on the comments below, and I’ll do my best to answer with a comment on my own – and / or we can follow-up off-line).

And if you’re doing much of this yourselves, I’d love to hear from you – I am still after more case studies for my book.  I’ve got quite a few for the different areas I discuss (ie the various technological, human, organisational and social actions) but only a few of organisations that are putting some of these different activities together.

And stay in touch - @joningham on Twitter, on my different blogs, and maybe even in real-life too, especially if you want any help on implementing HR 2.0 yourselves...


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