Friday 13 July 2012

Sosialhjelp 2.0


   Another event later on this year that I’m particularly looking forward to is PersonalForum organised by HRNorge in Tonsberg, Norway in November.

I’ll be doing a workshop – possibly on HR measurement – and a keynote on HR’s role in the social business.  More details here, or in English below:

“The organization's use of social media is HR's responsibility, says Jon Ingham. There is a wealth of possibilities in 2.0 organizational development. Why does he do it? The answer he gives on the Human Forum 2012. Jon Ingham has been suggested as one of the 25 most prominent thinkers in HR, and some also have designated him “the next Ulrich.”

Ingham is mildly critical of two important trends in HR. The strong focus on HR must get closer to the business means that we risk losing some of what makes HR value - the human side. In addition, he points out that the focus on performance measurement may be too strong. "When performance measurement is performance monitoring culture will suffer", therefore it is important that HR work more relationship-oriented, says Ingham.

He believes that HR has much to gain from being more relationship-oriented, and here comes the social media.

HR technology is an area where there are extraordinary opportunities to create new values ​​of HR, says Ingham. At the same time they are used in special processes such as recruitment, training and internal information. Through social media based business network that can prove to be valuable, for example in recruitment. It is about using technology to develop new and deeper relationships that business can take advantage of in order to attract the very best.

After recruitment, it is internal communication and training that is the most common use. Social learning is more effective and it can be done through informal conversations with each other or training of the teams and larger groups. Collective intelligence is not about information flows and processes that are supported by social tool - it is about giving people autonomy to make faster and better decisions with the help of social relationships.

The blog "Top 100 influencers" quotes Einstein in his presentation by Jon Ingham:

For every 250 blogs that speaks out in an empty virtual room for nothing, it's a voice that delivers value and perspective. The democratization of publishing technology has made it possible for all kinds of voices to be heard. The fact that so little is actually said is a problem only if you do not agree with Einstein, who said that "only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity - but I'm not sure what is the universe."

In other words: The ability to deliver social media is absolutely no guarantee of quality. Or success.

But Ingham has success, and he has made it even through his blog), and later with the book "Strategic Human Capital Management: Creating Value Through People".

The Human Forum 2012, Ingham to talk about how HR is now increasingly use social media to support their own processes. How will HR in a more efficient way to facilitate relationships and expertise effectively 2.0 business must have.

Jon Ingham, is a British HR blogger, author and Top 25 HR Thinker in the United Kingdom 2011. The Human Forum 2012, you can hear him lecture "Social media in the business - why it's HR's role."

Read more about Personal Forum 2012 and register here.’



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