Monday, 17 September 2012

So people join organisations, and leave Top Leaders!


   So its finally official – people join organisations, and leave… top leaders (you probably read it here first).  It’s great that Gallup’s well known line (‘people join organisations but leave their line managers’) has finally been over-turned.

And it’s obvious really.  I participated in a Twitter exchange following the CIPD’s report – along the lines of who is the biggest problem – rubbish leaders, managers, HRDs or organisations?  But thinking it through, I would go for the leaders – as they have so much influence over the approach their line managers take.


I still worry about how easily this piece of garbage has caught on however…  and why it is that HR is so easily influenced by marketing organisations like Gallup, and so little by academic research (or just insightful bloggers).

Are academic thinkers your most influential???  Not for many HR practitioners I don’t think – and I may blog on this tonight on the way home from tonight’s event


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