Tuesday, 8 July 2014

New strategic HR website / blog

As some of you will know, I've been blogging here for seven years this month, and am firmly committed to continuing to do so, if not quite to the same rate I did in the past.

However, I also recognise that although I think there is some great content on here, not all of it is easily accessible, for example a lot of it is hidden in blog posts connected to an event or something else which was going on that appeared interesting at the time, but isn't that relevant for today.

I'm therefore starting up a new site, at joningham.com, and am republishing, slightly edited, some of what I think is my best blogging work, in a more ordered sequence, and without all of the other extraneous information.

You can see this blog / 'advice column' at http://www.joningham.com/advice and can subscribe to the feed at http://www.joningham.com/1/feed.

I'll be posting daily for at least the next six months and then we'll see where that, and this blog, go.

PS I know the site still needs a bit of tidying up and that'll be done soon too.

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