Friday 4 September 2015

ATD Talent Management Handbook

I'm a contributor to the ATD's Talent Management Handbook, due out in November.

The book provides an overview of the whole of talent management, mainly written for talent developers.  My chapter is on reward and as well as helping TD practitioners understand what the reward agenda is about, and their Reward colleagues should be doing, I use the opportunity that the whole area of reward needs a lot more, new innovation:
"The emergence of talent development as a new, more evolved form of training and development reinforces the scale of transformation that has been under way within this area of talent management. New insights from neuroscience and behavioral economics and new technologies (social, mobile, cloud) are just some of the drivers leading to a new focus on creating an environment in which talent can develop. Looking back at the focus on delivering training 10 or even five years ago and comparing this with roles talent developers might be undertaking in another 10 years (learning app designer, content curator, community manager), it is clear this has been a revolution, not just an iterative improvement.

Other areas of talent management reviewed within this book have been through similar levels of change. For example, recruitment or talent acquisition, which has seen a radical shift in focus from recruitment advertising to sourcing, employer branding, and external talent communities. But what about reward—the topic and activity relating to compensating and engaging people through monetary and other exchanges?

Well, although there is a lot of talk about “the new pay", there is not that much difference between the new and the old as of yet.

Other chapters are on: 

Section I: Attracting Talent

Section II: Engaging Talent
  • Preparing Talent Through Onboarding - Alex D. Tremble Jr.
  • Essentials of World-Class Onboarding - Sarah Hagerman, Lilith Christiansen, and Mark Stein
  • Designing Inboarding - Sarah Hagerman, Lilith Christiansen, and Mark Stein
  • How to Build a Culture of Engagement - Rebecca Ray, David Dye, Patrick Hyland, Joseph Kaplan, and Adam Pressman
  • Organizational Culture as a Foundation for Retention - Julie Clow

Section III: Optimizing Talent

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