Friday 22 January 2016

Social recognition for more innovation in talent management and reward

I've got a few more comments to share with you from my chapter on reward in the ATD's new Handbook of Talent Management.

These are on the value of social recognition:

One of the main opportunities for transforming reward in many organizations is likely to be to introduce or reinforce the use of recognition using new social and gamified technologies which help organizations focus recognition upon their strategy or organizational values and help draw all employees into giving recognition.

Social recognition supports the need to move towards non-financial and personalized reward and is the nearest reward oriented equivalent to the shift towards informal and social learning within the talent development space.

Of course people and companies do not need these systems to express appreciation for each other.  For example, Doug Conant sent 30,000 personalised thank you cards to his employees during 10 years as CEO of Campbell Soup Company.  But technology makes it easy for everyone, not just the most dedicated people, to do this and can build a culture where a large proportion of the workforce participate in giving and receiving recognition to each other.

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