Wednesday, 9 May 2018

#HRSummit2018 - HR in The Social Organization

I presented today at The HR Summit in Singapore on the HR consequences of working in a social organisation, including that:
  • HR is different when focusing on relationships and groups than when focusing on individuals
  • HR is different when supporting each of the different types of group / network.

Today, organisations succeed or fail - not because of individual performance, but because of overall group performance. While the war for talent might bring great people into a company, the value of these people depends on them being connected together in the right way.

In a hyper-connected world where the workforce is ‘always-on’, organisations should aim to create value from the connections, relationships and conversations between their employees to drive higher performance and achieve greater results.

Leaders and HR departments therefore need to shift their focus from individuals to the teams and networks in their organisations, from knowledge workers to relationship workers, therefore enabling their organisation to compete through employee relationships.

  • How and why HR and others responsible for talent management need to foster and develop social capabilities
  • Practical guidance for developing higher quality connections and social capital by improving the alignment and effectiveness of HR and management activities
  • How HR and related professionals can identify and implement appropriate changes throughout the whole employee life cycle: including initial recruitment and job design, social learning, performance management, employee retention, talent management, organisation development and the role of social media and other technology as well as social analytics
  • A process for choosing the activities that will best suit your organisation’s required relationships

I hope you enjoyed the session if you were there.

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