Thursday, 10 May 2018

#HRSummit2018 - Strategic Organisation Design for the Digital Future of Work

And today at the HR Summit in Singapore I presented on the opportunities for strategic organisation design within the context of the digital future of work:

As the pace of change increases, the need to keep organisations aligned with business needs becomes all the more important.

However, we also need to think about organisations in new ways. Digital businesses require new roles, skills, and ways of working, and the employees undertaking this work need to be organised differently too.

Doing this right requires deeper, more strategic thinking, than many organisation design models and best practices suggest. The future of work is not as simple as moving from hierarchies to networks.

One of the main requirements is to align the choice of organisation form with the types of group which will be the highest priority for the business (including horizontal teams, communities, networks and platforms).

  • Why digital transformation is best seen as an organisation design challenge, and how organisation forms are changing
  • Practical guidance on how businesses can be more deliberate in building the types of organisations they need without getting lost in vague notions around culture or in out-of-date or non-strategic models, tools and approaches
  • How physical workplaces and digital workspaces need to be seen as elements within organisation design - HR needs to establish closer relationships with colleagues in Property and IT
  • To ensure that HR processes can be aligned with the types of group selected as the 'highest priority' and used as the main basis for organisation design, creating alignment with key business needs as well as new design opportunities

I hope you enjoyed the session if you were there.

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