Wednesday, 23 January 2008

HR in the age of Talent

Interesting research out from the Human Capital Institute / Vurv. This was conducted last Autumn and I know its been presented before now, but I've just caught it for the first time on one of HCI's webinars (or HC-TV apparently).
Quick summary: HR's getting there. But we can still do more to build our expertise, enhance innovation, and most importantly, further develop our credibility.
The first of these two pie charts shows the proportion of HR functions which think they are strategic (66% - the pink and purple segments). The second presents non-HR respondents' answers to the same question. Just 36% of these think HR is strategic.
So, expertise, innovation, credibility... There's obviously not enough HR people reading this blog! Or catching the latest HCI webinar for that matter.
One thing I don't think is going to raise HR's credibility is SHRM's new ad for the profession. What do you think?