Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Are UK HR bloggers Your most influential?


    The UK's HR magazine is once again looking for nominations for its HR Most Influential rankings.

This ranking supposedly identifies those who have had the biggest impact on the HR community's thinking and practice over the previous 12 months and judges attributes such as influence, relevance, visibility, originality of thought, clarity of idea and demonstrations of leadership (?).

With the increasing awareness of social media within HR, it would be great to see some UK HR bloggers in this list.

So am I, through this blog, or through other means, one of the people who have influenced you the most?

And if not, how about Jackie Cameron, Susanna Cesar-Morton, Richard Donkin (who was #9 last year and I think will get on anyway), Andy Headworth, Nick Jefferson, Queen of the Comments Jo Jordan, Jane Knight, Chief Ranter Scott McArthur, 'Rick', Don Taylor or Louise Triance?


To register your most influential HR people for 2009, email with the names of the two or three people who have made the biggest impact on you in the past year (the categories are most influential HR thinker, and most influential HR practitioner). Closing date is 6 February.



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