Wednesday 29 June 2011

Summer HCM newsletter


  This is the text of my third e-newsletter if you didn’t receive it.

As we finally enter into Summer, I continue to focus on three things:

  • Human capital / talent management
  • Social capital / collaboration
  • Strategic HR innovation.


Human Capital / Talent Management

Some of my most recent insights into talent management have developed from attending the Economist Group’s Talent Management Summit as an official media partner.

You can read my updates on the conference at:


As you can see from these post titles, one of the common themes across many of the sessions was the need for long-term thinking when it comes to talent.  Peter Cappelli's 'on-demand' approach may work for jobs on the periphery of an organisation, but for core talent we need to plan further ahead.

I was also pleased to see a good combination of different elements of talent management, including workforce planning, leadership development, employee engagement and culture change, all of which I think are vital to an effective talent management strategy.

You may also like to know that I have recently written about this myself, contributing a chapter on the integration of learning and compensation to a new book - called ‘The Executive Guide to Integrated Talent Management’ and which also features chapters from Dave Ulrich, Ed Lawer and Marshall Goldsmith - and Peter Cappelli too.


Social Capital / Collaboration

I was also pleased, though somewhat surprised, to see social capital (the value of employees' connections, relationships and conversations) and collaboration being referred to at the Economist's event.  See these posts for my review of this:


I have also recently presented at the Social Business Forum in Milan and have posted on the additional insights on social capital that I gained at this conference as well.

In my presentation, I talked about the need to focus beyond the management of individual talent to look at ways of building capability and engagement across teams, networks and communities.  I also referred to some of the tensions between these approaches, for example in managing the balance between competition and collaboration and what this means for inclusive / exclusive approaches to talent management.

I also talked about the use of web 2.0 / social media tools to support the integration of collaboration and talent management activities. This will also be the focus of my sessions at the HR Technology conference in Las Vegas as well as the new European event in Amsterdam later on this year.


Strategic HR Innovation

One of the other areas I am currently focusing on is innovation within HR.  I think we often tend to be too focused on best practices and do not spend enough time or energy thinking about best fit, ie how we can adapt an organisation’s HR strategy and architecture to the needs of its particular business, context and philosophy about how people contribute to business results.

If you also agree with this perspective, you may be interested in attending a webinar on HR Innovation that I am running on 8th September. You can book for this webinar here.


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Do let me know if you would like me to deliver any of these or similar sessions in-house in your organisation.

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