Thursday 9 June 2011

#ECTalent: Leadership Behaviours for the Future


  We didn’t get as much focus on the future as I was hoping for in the session, but mainly a comparison of the how vs the what of leadership (and therefore I didn’t get my question answered).


Gareth Williams, HRD at Diageo talked about the development of leadership behaviours supporting the company’s Ambition.


Geraldine Hayley, Group head, Leadership Effectiveness and Succession at Standard Chartered talked about their Whole Person programme based on these competencies: sensing the future; distributed influence; and sweeping and soaring.

These about about you as whole person –being self aware, authentic, ethical etc. So leaders are expected to talk about their life events, and how these have changed the way they see the world, or the learning they’ve been through. This shows they’ve had the experience and been aware; that they’re humble and willing to share – not perfect but flawed.

Standard Chartered’s performance rating system is based on performance, and how someone is perceived by themselves and others against the company’s five values. Someone’s bonus depend on living these values as much as they do on delivering the results (although we later found out that this mean 15% of the bonus is based on values).


Deborah Baker, Director for People at BSkyB emphasised that leadership is key to business success. But leaders need passion if they’re to gain high levels of engagement.

BSkyB measure both what and how and both of these have equal weight in someone’s compensation.


A good session – though not quite as impactful as the others, and I think by the end that everyone was relieved to do some ball throwing with Stephen Carver from Cranfield.




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