Thursday 15 March 2012

Bersin Impact 2012


   I’ve got a couple of great conferences coming up over the next few months.  First up will be Bersin’s Impact 2012 in St Petersburg, from 10 to 12 April.

I love Bersin’s research, having been introduced to this about five years ago whilst working for an elearning group in the UK when their research was mainly focused on learning too.  Since then, they’ve expanded into other areas of talent management, and into Europe and the UK too.

So for example, I recently met up with Josh at the Lumesse conference, and since them have attended one of their webinars (organised by Linkedin) on UK Recruiting (on their 2011 Talent Acquisition Factbook) too.

There were some great insights in this, including that UK companies spend over £5300 per new hire – over twice as much as US companies.  The cost differential is due, in part, to a difference in sourcing strategies – and that in the UK, companies spend two-thirds rather than one-third of their recruiting budgets on agencies!  And that’s despite the fact that it’s not even particularly effective (see the percentage of jobs filled) and it’s certainly not cost effective!!!.



Sometimes I despair!


Josh is one of the very few people I’ve had guest post on here, and have posted on them and their research quite often too:


However, it seems that I forgot to post on last year’s Impact conference, which I did attend virtually, and was well impressed by.  In fact I remember there being so much great research being presented that I was pretty much tied to my computer screen (and the print screen button too).

So this year, I decided that I needed to be there irl.  If you’ve got a few spare days in mid-April, you might want to try to get along there (I’m told it’s a great time to go to Disneyland as well, and I may even see you there too?).

If you can’t get to the conference, I will be blogging on key insights from the research (learning, recruitment, and other areas from within the talent management agenda too) – meaning lots of posts, I expect.  So follow the action here!



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  1. Hi Jon,
    Some interesting insights in this, particularly in relation to the spend vs % of jobs filled by agencies.
    The diagram of % of jobs filled by agencies totals 111%. Would you happen to have the accurate numbers that you could share?


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