Thursday 3 January 2013

Review of 2012 and into 2013 HR Carnival

   2013 is kicking off with the HR Carnival at Strategic HCM.
I asked contributors to send in one of more of: their favourite / best read posts; reviews of 2012 and predictions for 2013.
Thanks to everyone for their contributions – and I include them all as normal (as it’s Christmas / New Year, I’m even letting PRs submit posts for their clients, which I wouldn’t normally see as fulfilling the HR Carnival’s criteria).
Here you go then:

Best posts
John Hunter at Curious Cat: Respect for People: Optimize for Developer Happiness at Etsy
Dan McCarthy at Great Leadership: How to be a Leader in a Crappy Culture
Karin Hurt at Let’s Grow Leaders: I'm Going to Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter
Robert Tanner at Management is a Journey: Ignore Your Weaknesses and Focus on Your Strengths
Linda Fisher Thornton at Leading in Context: 10 Thinking Traps (That Ethical Leaders Avoid)
Ian Welsh at Search for Mutual Success on HR Toolbox: Capitalism - What Should We Do with the People Left Over?
Tim Gardner at the HR Introvert: Physics HR Petrino Principle
Ben Eubanks at Upstart HR: Entry Level HR Jobs-The Ultimate Guide
Mervyn Dinnen at T-Recs: If You’re Not on the List
Wally Bock at Envisia Learning: Technology, Trends, and Trade-Offs
Alex Raymon at Kapta Systems: Talent Management System Vendors: The Complete List
Julie Winkle Giulioni: Talent Management Systems – Sometimes The Cure Makes the Patient Sicker
Jennifer V. Miller at The People Equation: 10 Answers People Want Before Saying Yes to a Job
Prasad Kurian: Assessment Centres for Evaluating
And my own favourite post: Engagement or Entwistle?

Reviews of 2012
Karin Hurt at Let’s Grow Leaders: Best of 2012
Anonymous at Chequed: Best of 2012
Ian Welsh at Search for Mutual Success on HR Toolbox: 2012 The Year of Conflicting Ideology!
Naomi Bloom at In Full Bloom: 2012 Was Workday’s Year; Who Will Own 2013 In HR Technology?

Predictions etc for 2013
Andy Spence on the HR Transformer Blog: What will you Start, Stop and Continue in 2013?
Sandrine Bardot at Compensation Insider: My Christmas wish list for Performance & Reward
Wally Bock at Envisia Learning: Promise and Peril
Ian Welsh at Search for Mutual Success on HR Toolbox: The Role of HR When Machines Rule!
Chip Luman at We Know Next: HR in 2013 – What We Can Expect
Doug Shaw at Stop Doing Dumb Things to Customers: New Years Evolution
Mike Haberman at Omega HR: HR Predictions for 2013
And Anita Lettink at Visions for HR has Happy Birthday IPhone - Or why we should not try to predict the future

That’s your lot.
Thanks again for all the contributions and sorry for the one day delay.  I’ll be providing some of my own predictions when I’m back from skiing next week.
The next HR Carnival is at Ben Martinez’s HR Hound Blog on 16 January.

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