Monday, 21 January 2013

Google Plus - Social HR, Engage for Success

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 22.02.11.png  i've been finding it hard to return to blogging after the Christmas break.  That's nothing that unusual - I quite often end up having a few weeks off and then gradually feeling a renewed commitment to post.  Though I will say that there has been a particularly long gap this time around.

To some extent this is down to my latest shiny new toy.  That's Google Plus, or more specifically, Communities over at Google Plus.

I don't often write about social media here.  I'm much more interested in the social impacts of these tools than I am the tools themselves.  So apart from Blogger and Twitter, I don't use any other tool that much.  I've never found Facebook that compelling and though I've got lots of contacts on Linked, I'm not on there that much (particularly with the removal of Events and Answers, which I thought were some of its best features).

But I really, really like Communities on Google Plus.  In fact I really like Google Plus, but prior to Communities hadn't found anything that made me want to spend time there.  I tried a few Hangouts / Hangout On Airs which I still want to experiment with, but my efforts towards the end of last year weren't very successful.

But Communities are great.  They're easy to use, nicely formatted with link pictures appearing automatically and I just find them much more compelling than groups on Facebook or Linkedin, or even Twitter.

Added to that you've got potential benefits supporting AuthorRank, linking back directly to what's still going to be the world's leading search engine, so it's a good place to be spending time contributing.

I'm spending most of my time in two communities that I'm also moderating:


  • Social HR is growing quickly - 428 people as of today - and consists of a mix of posts about different aspects of HR, and some discussions about what social HR involves.


  • Employee Engagement is a community I'm co-moderating together with other members of the Engage for Success movement.  It's growing more slowly but we're having some interesting conversations there, and once again, I personally fin it a much more compelling place to be than the movement's existing Linkedin groups.  I'm sure that over time the conversations will slowly move to the Google Plus group.


Do have a look at Google Plus, Communities, and both Social HR and Employee Engagement if you've not been over there before - it'd be great to see you.

Though I will soon be getting going posting here again too.


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