Tuesday, 29 April 2008

I'm Tweating two

Well, only six months ago, I said I could never see myself doing it, but I'm now on Twitter.

For those of you who don't know what this is, France Roche at KnowHR has a good post / video link that explains it well.

What changed my mind?

Well, one recent trigger has been Debbie Weil's recent blog posts on Twitter.

And more broadly, it's the fact that a few other HR bloggers are now joining: see for example, one of Gautam Ghosh's recent posts.

And my interest was also raised in a recent show of the Podcast Sisters.

My previous reservation was mainly to do with my blog posts being rather long and so not being able to see how 'micro blogging' would work. Actually, I think the term is wrong. To me, this isn't a form of blogging (which would fall in the category of web 2.0 using the categorisation I described in my last post) but of social networking itself (people-to-people vs people-to-content. It puts me in direct contact with other people, not really just their content. And seen in this way, it has huge potential value to me.

So here I am.

Mind you, I still don't think many HR professional are on board. Twitter search engine Terraminds picks up just 8 HR twitterers. And About.com:HR's recent poll finds almost complete ignorance of it: