Friday, 7 August 2009

Blog nose job?


      Steve commented on my last post to say he assumed I was giving the blog site a 'nose job'.

Mmm.  Good idea – to share the pain if nothing else.

Thing is, I’m pretty happy with the look of my blog at the moment.  But if you think it needs a bit of a nip / tuck, let me know…

One thing I have done, since I don’t think anyone is experiencing ‘operation aborted’ problems anymore?,  is to re-incorporate the Google Friend Connect widget.  So you now once again have the opportunity to follow this blog and join its community.

You’ll find the widget half-way down the first of the two columns on the right – just above the widget for the Human Capital ning community, which you could join at the same time (the first community is linked to this blog, the second is simply a group of people interested in HCM, but not specifically my view about what this means).

And please comment below if you’ve got any further suggestions for plastic surgery…


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