Friday, 16 January 2015

Blogging from the Economist Talent Management 2015

And on 16th June, I'll be blogging (and also facilitating) from the Economist's Talent Management 2015 event - the fourth year in a row that Strategic HCM has been the Economist's social media supporter.

If you've been to this even before, you'll know this is THE key HR event in the UK - the best speakers, top level attendees, a great agenda - and this year I'm back on the platform again.  What more could you desire?

Mark your calendars now - I'll have a discount code for you a bit later on, and the opportunity to grab a ticket to come and sit with me at the front, though you will have to do a bit of work for me too (I'm trying to think of something creative but if you send me a guest blog post about something innovative you've been doing in your own organisation that would probably do it.)

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