Wednesday 7 January 2015

Speaking on Human Centric Learning at ATD MENA, Saudi Arabia

I'm also speaking in Riyadh at this ATD MENA event in early March.

Talent development rests upon people being able to learn. Unfortunately real learning is very rare. We often do not design our interventions well: people only take on board a small proportion of what we cover; most of which they forget; and that which gets remembered very rarely gets translated into practice; and even more rarely will it have anything like the anticipated impact on the business. Attempting to deal with this we have become increasingly business focused - aligning learning programs with particular business needs and embedding learning within business processes.

However this session will argue it is only by focusing on individual employees/learners that we can make learning take hold and stick. We need to increase our understanding of individuals (which isn't just about neuroscience) and groups - particularly how they can be motivated and how we can ensure deep learning takes place.

You can read more about this idea in Learning Technologies magazine.

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