Monday, 7 November 2011

Julian Birkinshaw on Human Centric Management


   And while I’m on the subject of human centricity, let me point out that I, and ConnectingHR, are not alone in prioritising this.  For example, it’s interesting to see that Julian Birkinshaw’s latest research is on “Employee Centred Management”.  And in a session at MLab recently, Birkinshaw encouraged everyone to see management through the eyes of their employees.

Basically there are two ways of managing people – as a resource to support the business (HR), or as the driver for business success.  This is what I’ve been calling strategic HCM (human capital being based on employees’ latent skills and enthusiasm):


Birkinshaw concludes that to become a better human manager by seeing the world through your employees’ eyes you should

  • Spend time in their shoes, in their space
  • Package work - even routine work - into projects
  • Work yourself out of a job.


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