Monday, 18 April 2011

Symposium Training: Successful Change Management


  If you’re interested in Dan Heath’s perspectives on Switch you may also be interested to know that I’ll be talking about my, and other, perspectives on making change management work more successfully in this training session for Symposium Events:


Successful Change Management

We all know the statistics – well over 50% of change programmes fail to achieve their objectives.  And we do not seem to be getting any better.  In fact change management guru, John Kotter has suggested only 30% of projects are successful – and that is 15 years after the publication of his formative book, Leading Change.

Kotter suggests that making change work requires even more focus on the eight steps in his methodology, but surely, given our lack of progress, that cannot be enough?

Attend this seminar to learn about, and discuss, what really makes change work.  We will review Kotter, then discuss other perspectives and your experiences.  In fact, we will do as much as it is possible to do in one day to stack the odds of your change programme being successful in your favour.



1 July 2011 – Manchester
12 September 2011 – London


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