Tuesday 27 August 2013

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Feeling good yet?


It’s been a long, hard slog hasn’t it, but in most of the places this blog is read, things are looking up.  The US is booming, at least in comparison to the last few years, and there’s a definite change in the air in the UK and across most of Europe.  Even in emerging markets, whilst tapering may lead to a short-term lowdown, greater global growth can only be a good thing.


Of course, this means that if you’re in recruitment or retention, you perhaps shouldn’t be feeling as good as you are!


Recruitment in particular is likely to quickly become a lot more challenging:


  • Growth and attrition mean that we’re going to have a lot more roles to fill, so continuing to get the very best people is going to be a lot more challenging.
  • Most competitors are going to be facing just the same set of challenges, so competition for these best people is going to be intense.
  • We’re going to face the full-force of employees changing expectations for the first time.  While economies were in or close to recession this wasn’t seen that powerfully but employees do now want a lot more. With a return to growth, this desire will turn into a demand.



Recruiters are going to have to be really smart to attract the best people away from  their competitors to fill the increasing number of vacancies.


Of course, the smartest recruiters have already been preparing for this situation by  modernising organisation structures, improving recruitment processes, developing capabilities and updating technologies.


For those recruitment teams still using outdated HR processes, it’s this last opportunity that probably provides the greatest return. As the recruitment world becomes more fast paced, HR professionals will have less time to get more done. Efficiency is more important than ever. That’s where technology comes in to play. Companies are seeing clear benefits from leveraging technology. But what technology should these recruiters use?


The HR technology industry is at a fork in the road: best-of-breed solutions (or solutions focused on particular aspects of HR) and full suite systems. Companies need to determine what type of system would work best for them by evaluating their business goals. Some organisations put a greater demand on HR performance. In these cases, best-of-breed systems will give Recruiters more specialised tools to improve their metrics versus standard features.


An example of a best-in-breed solution for the talent acquisition process (sourcing and recruitment to induction) is iCIMS Recruit. More and more companies are turning to systems like these to drive down those key business metrics, like cost-per-hire and time-to-fill. 


With recruitment solutions, recruiters can attract talent more easily through tools such as recruitment SEO or social media vacancy posting, helping these companies to close the vacancy sooner rather than later. But not only that, tools like iCIMS Recruit allow companies to analyse their HR programmes and pinpoint areas of improvement to facilitate hiring for the vacancy boom. 



As the economy improves, how do you expect recruiters to fill vacancies faster? 



This post is sponsored by iCIMS.


iCIMS is the leading provider of talent acquisition software for growing businesses. Through the implementation of easy-to-use, web-based solutions, the iCIMS Talent Platform helps organisations manage everything from sourcing, to recruitment, to induction all within one streamlined application.


Check out a free walk-through of the iCIMS system or make contact at +44 (0) 118 9000 706 or europeansales@icims.com.



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