Saturday 17 October 2020

Employee Apps


I quite often post here on the digital workplace and if you're interested in this (and you should be), you may well be interested in this new report on Employee Apps that I was working on over the Summer as an associate for ClearBox.

The report assesses 17 employee apps in detail, with at-a-glance attributes, and precise scores based on real-world business-scenario capabilities, not merely features.

The right employee app will help you engage the entire workforce, without missing frontline workers on site, in store, and on the road.

The report will help you make the best-fit decision, faster, considering your budget, sector, and goals.

Cost: $395 USD.


More information and purchase at:


Small print: the report is shown as priced in United States dollars but the checkout system will automatically convert the price to your local currency, and so you will be charged the local equivalent price if you order directly online. However, if you request an invoice the price will be shown in Great British pounds, and you should ensure that you transfer the appropriate funds. The commercial relationship will be between you / your company and ClearBox Consulting Ltd. As an associate of ClearBox, contracted to contribute to the report, I am not involved in that commercial relationship. If you click links from my site to read more about the report, I may receive additional recompense if you go on to purchase the report. All enquiries about the report and the review process should go to ClearBox Consulting Ltd.


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