Wednesday 22 April 2020

HR Innovation Summit

I'll be speaking at this summit on HR Innovation on 14 May:

Keynote Panel: Visions for the New Normal in HR Management in the Post-Corona Future
Keynote impulse: HR's role in creating the business of the future

"At HR Innovation SUMMIT, we have adjusted the agenda so that we want to address the current challenges for HR at this time at the start of the digital conference on May 14th. With three international keynote speeches by Tom Haak ( HR Trend Institute ), Jon Ingham (HR & OD Expert) and Cèline Schillinger (We Need Social & Leadership Expertin ), we want to shed light on the current challenges for the HR discipline from a process, OE and leadership perspective . Furthermore, in the course of the morning we discuss with various practitioners and experts about their visions for the "new normal" in HR management in the post-corona period."

You can attend free.

Jon Ingham, +44 7904 185134

Tuesday 21 April 2020

HR LEADer Summit

I'll be speaking at the HR LEADer Summit the day after the Innovation one, on the 15th May.

"HR departments are faced with tremendous changes in the industry due to the rapidly developing situation in the world with COVID-19 pandemic. In the many organizations the value system is undergoing tremendous changes with the way employees interact, stay motivated, and adapt to the technology. These days HR leaders are expected to be able to implement the external changes into the internal transformation.

It's time to get focused on the areas you need help with."

You can get a free pass for this summit too.

Jon Ingham, +44 7904 185134

Monday 20 April 2020

PeopleHum HR Leaders interview

You can find out about strategic HR and social organisations etc in this interview by Aishwarya Jain at PeopleHum as part of their LeadersHum series.

There's also a podcast: 

And a blog:

There are loads of other great interviews there too. And thanks to Aishwarya and PeopleHum for mine.

Jon Ingham, +44 7904 185134

Wednesday 15 April 2020

Human Resources Online Blended Learning

I've already noted some of my forthcoming digital training sessions for Human Resources Online out of Singapore.

As well as my fully online HR Business Partnering course I'll be delivering four blended masterclasses with a mix of online and face-to-face training days. (The online sessions will be held during June and the face-to-face days delivered in Malaysia at the end of July, and potentially elsewhere in the region at the start of August.)

The masterclasses are:

Re-engineering and Revolutionising Performance Management:

Employer Branding through Organisational Differentiation: 

Update: these courses are no all going to be fully online - nobody is going to want to get together face to face. Please check for details.

Tuesday 14 April 2020

Virtual Training: Strategic HR Business Partnering

My most popular training with Human Resources Online in Singapore has been a two day course focused on strategic HR business partnering.

This will now be delivered completely online, running over four Thursday morning from 4 to 25 June 2020.

Monday 13 April 2020

Human Resources Online Webinar Series: Strategic HR

I've been working with Human Resources Online for five or so years how, delivering workshops in Malaysia, Singapore and occasionally Hong Kong and elsewhere in South East Asia.

Given the coronavirus pandemic, we're now delivering our upcoming sessions online, or as blended online / face-to-face delivery (assuming the pandemic is under control by the end of June).

And to give people a taste of what these online sessions will be like, and to convince people who might be thinking about attending them confidence in both the content and the style of delivery, I'll be delivering a one hour introductory webinar as part of this webinar series.

My webinar will focus on taking a more Strategic Approach to HR and it will take place at 5pm Singapore time on Monday 27 April.

It would be great if you could join me and you can book to do so here.

Sunday 12 April 2020

More Online Training: Informa Middle East - Digital HR Transformation

I'm also going online with my training for Informa in Dubai. So I'll be delivering a two day Digital HR Transformation course using GoToTraining on 19 and 20 April.

Assuming we're back to 'normal', I'll also be doing more face to face, three day versions of the course in July and October:, +44 7904 185134

Saturday 11 April 2020

HR Exchange Network podcast: Rewards Transformation

We talked about Brexit too - the episode was recorded at a point it was just becoming clear this was a non-issue (temporarily perhaps) compared to Coronavirus., +44 7904 185134

Friday 10 April 2020

Remote work and Distributed organisations

My book, The Social Organization, is largely about building more distributed organisations. Doing this isn't necessarily a priority right now, amongst all of the urgent actions associated with looking after key workers, furloughing others, supporting those suddenly remote, and trying to retain as much engagement across the whole workforce as we can.

Apart from the fact that it's already happening to a large extent. Key workers are using distributed digital tools to get their work done efficiently and effectively, remote workers are totally reliant on their digital tools, and organisations are piloting distributed approaches to help respond quickly to the needs of the pandemic - see this article from McKinsey:

But most of our use of these digital tools maps existing approaches within traditional workplaces to the new more digital environment. We're still using distributed tools in a largely centralised way. And we need to work at building more distributed structures on top or, or behind the digital workplace, to make this work effectively.

 And in The Social Organization:

Thursday 9 April 2020

Online Training: Job Design for Good Work and Productivity

At the end of the month I've got my second online training session with Symposium: Designing Jobs for Good Work and Increased Productivity.

"Designing jobs used to be a key part of HR but other than at executive levels, it has received less attention over recent years. However, the UK’s productivity puzzle, low levels of engagement, pressure from increases in the national living wage, digital technology and other factors are all leading to more focus in this area.

It is now clear that having an effectively designed job which meets the needs of individual employees as well as the employer is a key factor in raising engagement and increasing productivity. Making jobs suitably compelling requires providing them with a range of design factors including an appropriate level of autonomy and the opportunity to find meaning.

Attend this training session to consider these factors and how they might be applied to develop jobs, engagement and productivity within your own organisation."

You can book for the training here:, +44 7904 185134

Wednesday 8 April 2020

Online training: Re-engineering Performance Management

The first online session I'm doing with Symposium is Innovating HR Practices: Re-engineering Performance Management on Thursday 16 April.

"If there was one process in HR that most would agree is broken, it would surely be employee performance management. Join us to better understand how re-engineering performance management can have a significant positive impact on your business."

It's a course I've been running face to face for about three or four years and it's been great to see interest and ambition to make substantial and strategically aligned innovations to performance management grow during that time., +44 7904 185134

Tuesday 7 April 2020

Symposium / HR Review Webinar: Strategic HR

I've been a bit quiet here recently, but I've been busy, and I don't know how much longer I'll be busy for, so I've wanted to focus on my current work for as long as I can.

But anyway, so far, not that much has changed - for me. I've been delivering virtually for an increasing amount of my work over the last five years, and this has suddenly now become 100%, but it's just a quantitative rather than a qualitative shift. So far.

Which I'm hoping will continue. I run my own company, which my wife also works through, and we just pay ourselves a minimal salary and take most of our earnings as dividends. So none of the billions being poured into furloughing etc are going to help us much, if work does dry up.

Still, we're safe and well, which remains our priority at the moment. I hope all regular or passing readers of this blog are fit and healthy too.

And business is changing - dramatically and hugely quickly. So if you need any support with that, give me a call.

Anyway, one of my main face-to-face activities over the last five - actually nearly ten years has been delivering training courses on different strategic HR topics with Symposium. That's well over 200 conducts and 2500 people trained now.

And doing that, at least, can't go on. So we're switching to deliver the planned sessions through to June online. Rather than the more traditional Adobe Connect, GoToTraining or Zoom Webinar type approaches, we're using BrightTalk, which Symposium / HR Review have already been using for their webinars.

This will make interactivity a little challenging, but we'll find ways to make it work.

As an introduction to the trainings and the technology, we've pre-recorded this session on Strategic HR. This is something I often talk about on many of my courses, so doing it this way enables me to taken the value triangle and value chain as understood, and move on to how these are applied within different topics.

Being more strategic is also an important priority at the moment, to help businesses optimise their current transformations.

However, in the webinar I suggest that most of how we think about strategic HR just isn't. And so we need to revisit and rethink. So do take a look, and if you think it would be appropriate, book for one of the courses too.

You do need to register with BrightTalk but they've got lots of other great content (including the other HR Review webinars) you can then check out too.

And let me know what you think...

Wednesday 1 April 2020

3 Strategic Opportunities for the Connected Workspace

I've got another article up the WorkSpace Connect Community: 3 Strategic Opportunities for the Connected Workspace.

It's a bit dry I know, but I do think it's an important take on designing a connected, or just a digital or physical workplace, and some of the HR and OD aspects of this.

Also see: