Friday 21 November 2014

Art of HR, Dubrovnik, Croatia - conference summary

Here are the tweets from the Art of HR conference last week which I helped organise and chaired.

Do take a look - it was awesome!:

We'll hopefully be doing it again next year - see you there!

And in the meanwhile, join in the discussion in our LInkedin group:

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Monday 10 November 2014

The Art of Social Recognition


On Thursday and Friday I will be in Dubrovnik, Croatia for the Art of HR conference.  We’ve got some great speakers on HR artistry and are also discussing the findings of our Art of HR survey which have been profiled in HR Magazine, and you can find out more about at our Linkedin group.

The survey reviewed a breadth of artful activities in order to establish an artistry index and review this against the enablers and benefits of artistry.  And I’ve also provided some detailed results about one of the most artful HR processes we reviewed, social recognition, in this post which is up atWorkstars’ blog.

Workstars is a new sponsor of my Strategic HCM blog and so you’ll be reading more about them here over the next year.  But in brief, ….

Workstars' mission is to make your business a better place to work, and crucially, get your business working better.

Workstars are innovating beyond the very tired, self serving $47 billion reward industry. We are focussed on the future, and the future of employee recognition is social.

A true cloud based business that wraps people services around the market leading employee recognition application, where every line of code is shared by every client, very large or very small.

The first global SME and Enterprise provider to master a free to launch model. Our significant application investment continues to expand our business. We work with HR and when it comes to employee recognition, we are a plug and play innovator.

Workstars bring enterprise level infrastructure and thinking, designed to make managers great and boost engagement across any business.