Monday 25 March 2013

#E20S Social Talent Management


Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 16.46.49.png  My own session at the Enterprise 2.0 Summit was on Social Talent Management.  Unfortunately attendance wasn’t great so I’m going to post here covering the key points of my presentation.

I was asked to talk about the evolution of talent management and I wanted to start by pushing back against the common tendency, which seems particularly strong in Enterprise 2.0 circles, to present roadmaps and journeys that all organisations are or should be on.  I don't believe this is true in general and it's certainly not the case for talent management.  There are many different approaches in talent management, and many different directions of travel going on at once as well.

To the extent that there are common trends, the use of social media is certainly one.  But I still don't think this means talent management has become particularly social.  I took people through Gary Hame's thoughts on management 2.0, which should really apply to the whole of Enterprise 2.0 too, but I think they have, or should have, particular resonance for talent management 2.0 as well.

But there's not much going on in talent management that demonstrates Hamel's principles:

  • Everyone has a voice
  • Capability counts for more than credentials and titles
  • Commitment is voluntary
  • Power is granted from below
  • Authority is fluid and contingent on value-added
  • The only hierarchies are ‘natural’ hierarchies
  • Communities are self-defining
  • Individuals are richly empowered with information
  • Just about everything is decentralised
  • Ideas compete on an equal footing
  • It's easy for buyers and sellers to find each other
  • Resources are free to follow opportunities
  • Decisions are peer-based.

So the good news is that there are things happening in just about every sub-process of talent management, except for, in the main, reward.  We'll be discussing all of these over the next year at the Google Plus Social HR community, so if you're interested in finding out more, join us there too.


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