Thursday 28 February 2013

The Talent Management Summit 2013 - Opportunity to Win!


Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 10.59.42.png  OK, time to share a key event later in the year with you.

You may remember that I've acted as social media partner for the Economist's Talent Management Summit for the last two years.  Well, this year I am, or at least my blog is, going to be supporting it again.

The Summit is in London on May 21st.  Now unfortunately I'm going to be in Asia for most of the Summer and am going to miss this event.  This means I need you!

I need two senior, internal HR practitioners to attend the event - free - and blog for me!  That's at least one post each and preferably two, or more.  It's a great event, so that shouldn't be difficult.  Check out these posts I've made in previous years to get an idea of the level of content!:






Sessions this year include:

  • Leading tomorrow’s global talent business - Gina Qiao, Senior Vice-president, Human Resources, Lenovo
  • The war for talent - Deborah Baker, Director for People, Sky; Dean Royles, Director, NHS Employers
  • Making analytics work for your business
  • The future of work, and how we’ll see it differently - Naomi Stanford, Organisational Design Director, NBBJ
  • Building tomorrow's winning team - Arjen Vermazen, Senior Vice-president, HR and Procurement, Astellas Pharma Europe; James Watts, Vice-president of HR and Chief People Officer, KFC UK and Ireland
  • COMPETING IN THE KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY - and why agility will matter - Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jorden, Senior Vice-president, Global Learning Strategies, Catalyst Europe


Tickets generally cost £1,314 - so you'll also be getting a great deal.


This year's summit focuses on creating a mobile, agile workforce, and if you want to attend the event, I need some suggestions on doing this from you!

How do you think we should be creating a mobile, agile workforce, or how are you attempting to do this in your own organisation?

Email me a couple of paragraphs (or if you wish, something else, e.g. a video), and I'll publish your inputs at the end of March.  I will then, together with anyone who wants to add their comments to this post, select a winner who will then get to attend the summit, and blog again from there.  Clear?

I'll do the same thing again for a second ticket during April.


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