Saturday, 2 February 2013

Time to get going on social media

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 13.49.02.png  It's Saturday and I'm blogging - still trying to get back into the swing of this again after a sustained if incomplete break over the last couple of months.

There are a number of reasons for my lack of productivity.  For one thing, I have had some quieter periods before though never quite so lengthy.

But I also think the strategic rationale for blogging is beginning to dim.

Now I do have to be careful with this statement - there's still a huge number of people out there who have never read a blog, and certainly never posted anything.  A lot of them may still come into this technology.  And I remember even when I started blogging five to six years ago that there were people then suggesting blogging had already had its day.

But there are now so many other blogs out there, that it's increasingly difficult to break through the noise - even for an established blog like this.  I certainly wouldn't start a new blog if I was doing what I was doing five years ago today.

And the conversation is increasingly in the flow, rather than on a site.

But then even with these changes, I think there is still currently a role for blogs.  I like the way this article at Harvard Business Review explains it:


"It's become increasingly clear that with the proliferation of new platforms, no person or company can become the master of them all. Nor should they. The harder decision is figuring out which ones you should prioritize — or jettison. Establishing ROI has always been the holy grail of social media. We may still have a ways to go before we can quantify its objective, dollars-and-cents impact (if you read about something on Facebook, and then saw a tweet, and then went to the mall to buy it, does it count?). But even anecdotally, you probably have some good operating theories. For instance, if you target women, Pinterest is a great bet; if it's males, Google+ is currently their stomping ground. And as I've written about here on, blogging is the best way to demonstrate true content mastery and thought leadership." 


So, don't go away - I will be posting here - with lots of new content and hopefully leading thoughts over the next year.

More soon!



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