Friday 10 April 2020

Remote work and Distributed organisations

My book, The Social Organization, is largely about building more distributed organisations. Doing this isn't necessarily a priority right now, amongst all of the urgent actions associated with looking after key workers, furloughing others, supporting those suddenly remote, and trying to retain as much engagement across the whole workforce as we can.

Apart from the fact that it's already happening to a large extent. Key workers are using distributed digital tools to get their work done efficiently and effectively, remote workers are totally reliant on their digital tools, and organisations are piloting distributed approaches to help respond quickly to the needs of the pandemic - see this article from McKinsey:

But most of our use of these digital tools maps existing approaches within traditional workplaces to the new more digital environment. We're still using distributed tools in a largely centralised way. And we need to work at building more distributed structures on top or, or behind the digital workplace, to make this work effectively.

 And in The Social Organization:


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