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As well as posting on this blog, I have written, and continue to write on a broad range of business and employment issues for a variety of publications.
However, my main work is my book,  'Strategic Human Capital Management: Creating Value through People'; This features case studies from RBS, BT, Orange, Ernst & Young, BBC, the Cabinet Office and other leading organisations (some of which have been developed out of my own consulting projects) and was published by Butterworth Heinemann at the end of 2006.
See the following endorsements:
"That peoples capacity to unlock the performance of organizations is far from a simplistic and causal model is hardly new. A book offering a new way of explaining how such complexity can be managed and harnessed for the good of organizations certainly is. This is a book to address HR's continuing inability to think outside the box of how people influence performance. Read, reflect and act."

Dr. Anthony Hesketh, Director, Centre for Performance-Led HR, Lancaster University Management School

"This book, whilst acknowledging the importance of measurement, rightly focuses attention on what HCM approaches deliver increased business performance. ...For HR professionals it will give confidence that they do have a unique and critical contribution to make which they are being expected to step up to."
Malcolm Hurrell, Vice-President Human Resources UK, AstraZeneca plc

"A text book that's a pleasure to read, one that immediately gets to the key issues of measurement - not to raise the profile of HR but to provide valuable and credible data for future decisions and policy foundation. Demonstrates that 'one size does not fit all' and reminds the reader of the value of personal judgement as well as utilizing a range of measurement criteria. Clearly written by someone that has operated in this field.
The reader is taken through a great no nonsense approach to HCM in a structured but interactive manner, with case studies that bring the subject alive. Questions that are stimulated as you read through each chapter are then both asked and answered in an excellent Q & A summary, This is achieved in a way that ultimately still lets the reader form their own conclusions and determination of the relevant to their own organization."
Sue Boxall, Group HR Manager, Element Six Ltd

"This is an important summary of and contribution to the current state of the debate on Human Capital Management, drawing together and developing the array of disparate themes. Jon Ingham has made powerful statement in favour of the primacy of value over counting and measurement. The book is an impressive combination of the scholarly and the practical, containing much food for thought and plenty of ideas to steal."
David Leech, Head of Human Resources, CMS Cameron Mckenna LLP

"Strategic Human Capital Management is a comprehensive, thorough and well-researched survey of the landscape of Human Capital Management which demonstrates the changing position and growing importance of high quality people management in the success of modern organizations. The theoretical models presented are backed up by reference to the relevant academic and management research and brought to life by case studies in a variety of organizations, many from Jon Ingham's personal experience, which ensures that the tone remains fresh and vigorous.
Whilst the book covers the issues of measurement and reporting, it also broadens out the debate on the nature of Human Capital Management to show how this influences a broad range of people management practices and to warn against the danger of constraining the thinking to simply the question of measurement.
Finally, Jon Ingham reflects the importance of people engagement in their organizations by adopting a number of techniques to help the reader engage in the book - such as dialogues at the beginning of each chapter to bring out the sense of direction in the narrative."
Dominic Mahony, UK HR Director, O2 plc

"Jon Ingham has written a book for people who really need to become very good at HCM.  A closely argued and deeply thoughtful approach to the comples issues of human behaviour in business.  Ingham's book gives you all you need to understand the different approaches, mindsets and methodologies in this area, cutting through the rhetoric and getting the core of each approach.  For those who are investing their careers in HCM, it is well worth taking the time to read it."
Des Woods, Head of Learning and Development, Linklaters

Some of my recently published articles include:

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