Wednesday, 14 November 2007

In search of Authenticity

In making his move, Andrew reminded himself of the old proverb; "A turtle makes progress only when it sticks its neck out".

I have a mental picture I use to remind me to move forward in life and my career. This is of me, when I was learning to ski, and about to launch down a slope, remembering that I needed to look down the fall line rather than lean back into the mountain - if I didn't want to fall over. It reminds me that I need to embrace change and momentum - to make a move when I know I need to do so.

Some of my regular readers will know that I've been juggling a rather busy portfolio over the last 18 months - my main roles being working for myself (as Strategic Dynamics), as a Research Associate for Learning Light, a Lecturer for CBA in Croatia, and as a Director for Human Capital Consulting with Buck.

This last role has provided me with some good experience while I’ve been developing my own business, and useful development in reward and HR outsourcing (through ACS) - both of which are outside my main areas of experience. It's also been a real pleasure to work with a very talented team.

But it's not been somewhere I want to continue to build my career. So to be authentic to myself, I have recently made the decision to leave and will be concentrating on my own business from the end of this calendar year.

I've still got availability in January if anyone wants to do some work together!


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