Monday 6 September 2010

The (International) HR Carnival


   I’ll be hosting the next HR carnival at Strategic HCM on 15th September.

If you’ve got an HR blog, then as per usual, I’m after your submissions from the last few weeks – any theme is fine.  However, as with the previous carnivals I’ve hosted, I’ll be trying to give this one a little additional spin.

This year, I want to focus on international HR – so any posts focusing on global HR issues will be particularly welcome.

Even more importantly, I’m keen to highlight HR bloggers from outside the usual geographies (ie the US).  So if you’re blogging from Angola, Brazil or Cambodia, I’d really, really love to here from you! (if your blog’s written in a different language that’s fine as well:

  • If Google Translate works for your language we’ll just include your actual url and one from google translate (assuming that works for your language) too.
  • If not, I’ll need a short summary in English!)


If you’ve not contributed to the carnival before now, please do to this one.  You can find out more about what it’s all about here: (see ‘About the Carnival of HR’ on the left).


Ongoing contributors to the carnival are of course, very welcome to join in as usual.


I’ll need all submissions by end of play on Tuesday 14th.



Also see my previous carnivals:


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