Wednesday 23 January 2013

#HRevent13 - HR social media trials and error….

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 15.57.04.png  So for the first time in four years, I'm not at the HR Directors Business Summit.  After being their official blogger, facilitator for their joint twitter 101 / tweet-up, and chair of the unconference last year, this year I've just been virtually following, and diving into, the twitter stream - which I can't say has grown that much in four years.

But it's not the general lack of tweeting - or may own hashtag crashing that I want to comment on here - I could, but I'm not going to.

Instead I thought I might ask you about this:, which is the event organiser's attempt (failed, I think) to attract a social media sponsor:


"We are pleased to introduce you to our Social Media Sponsorship Package which will give the opportunity to showcase your company and products within the HR social media community. 

If you are involved in social media and believe your products and services could help HR Directors to solve the challenges they are facing, get involved today as there is still time for you to get involved in this leading event.

Secure your involvement today by booking our Social Media Sponsorship Package, which includes: 

  • Social Media Sponsor status
  • Branding on sildes, signage, flyers, screens
  • Branding on email five weeks and two weeks before the event
  • Branding on website
  • Dedicated page on website
  • Announcement on Linkedin and twitter
  • 10 tweets about you organisation
  • Winner of competition announcement on Day 2
  • Special mention about your organisation
  • Advert in showguide"


Note in particular the 10 conference organiser tweets about the sponsor organisation!

I can't see that this would ever have worked personally - even with a more intense twitter stream, the reaction to the tweets could have easily become hostile.

But why would you want @HRevent with 479 followers tweeting for you when you can do this yourself?  Particularly if you are 'involved in social media' and have a substantial following already.

To me, the future for conferences is going to be much more about paying people to tweet - or at least encouraging them to do so - rather than being paid to tweet on their behalf.


The good news about the event was (from what I gathered on the twitter stream) that there was quite a lot of conversation about social HR.  And some good sessions and case studies - of which this one from Bromford must take the biscuit (or the cake):

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 16.04.38.png


Still, if I was organising this conference, I'd have me back to do more tweeting from the event, another tweet-up and put back the unconference too.

That'd definitely be a great move towards social HR!

(And forget about the social media sponsor package!)


As for me, I'll next be tweeting and posting on the second day of Learning Technologies on Wednesday next week.


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