Wednesday 10 June 2015

Humanising HR using Digital Technology - Employee Recognition

I provide more information on creating value HR technology on Workstars blog in my next new post there:
"The Future of HR Technology - Enabling not Controlling  
These new technologies include social collaboration systems, mobile apps, wearables, augmented and virtual reality, games and simulations. Some of the key benefits of these new enabling systems including fun, transparency, collaboration and analytics.
A great example of the new type of HR technology and of the sort of culture which supports it is social recognition. Traditional recognition was very transactional or value for money focused, usually involving limited amounts of recognition and perhaps once a year recognition ceremonies with awards being given to just a small number of employees. More recently this developed into a broader, adding value focus in which managers were responsible for recognising members of their own teams and the focus of recognition became a bit more strategic. 
This shift has now progressed even further with new-style social recognition systems allowing everyone in an organisation to freely express their appreciation of one another and to understand what it is about what they do which other people value. Managers can participate in this process of appreciation but the more fundamental focus is employee to employee, human to human."

More details are on the Workstars blog.

The basic point is that digital technology can help humanise organisations and their HR approaches, putting the H back into HR, by enabling people, freeing them up, to provide more of their potential contribution.

So for example, rather than making people follow automated processes which are designed purely to meet business needs, and then worry about their engagement, it provides people with compelling technology which enables them to do more, and be more engaged in the process.

Social recognition, like Workstars, is a great example of this technology, so do check out their site!

Workstars is a sponsor of my Strategic HCM blog and so you’ll be reading more about them here over the rest of the year.  But in brief:
Workstars' mission is to make your business a better place to work, and crucially, get your business working better. 
Workstars are innovating beyond the very tired, self serving $47 billion reward industry. We are focussed on the future, and the future of employee recognition is social.
A true cloud based business that wraps people services around the market leading employee recognition application, where every line of code is shared by every client, very large or very small.
The first global SME and Enterprise provider to master a free to launch model. Our significant application investment continues to expand our business. We work with HR and when it comes to employee recognition, we are a plug and play innovator.
Workstars bring enterprise level infrastructure and thinking, designed to make managers great and boost engagement across any business.

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