Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Digital HR Summit: the Tech Fallacy

First session at Stamford Global’s Digital HR Summit is with Filip Moriau on the Tech Fallacy. Technology has transformed but productivity isn’t going up commensurately. Why? Because we’re not doing enough thinking about how we can use tech to develop, support global work, reach potential of teams, create future success, and motivate workforces everywhere.

We talked about some of the current challenges people are facing which are often still around old ERP systems, getting people to enter data correctly etc, but which we need to shift into higher value cognitive tasks, once technology is able to make all these things easier for us.

Our challenges in making this shift include the availability of these digital tools, and perhaps the right people to use them, but mainly the time / priority to make best use of them.

So whilst we might think initially that our key recruitment challenges involve data nerds, increasingly an even more important need is people who can process all the data and insight which can be made available to make appropriate decisions - which is why I always talk about the need for ‘wisdom artists’ rather than data scientists!

And people who understand people and can influence them to take account of their decisions. Attitudes rather than just skills. Storytellers, anthropologists. And people who can collaborate with each other - we often have the right people we need, so again, the new need is for the right teams.

This idea led into some of Filip's ideas about developing teams / circles and linking these into the rest of the organisation (also see The Social Organization, and Michael Arena's book Adaptive Space).

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