Monday, 30 May 2011

Lumesse blogathon


  I’m one of three UK bloggers (with Bill Boorman and Peter Gold) invited to participate in a ‘blogathon’ supporting what was Stepstone’s recent rebranding.

We’ve been asked to write blog posts and other things based upon content supplied by them and interviews with their people etc - and the blogger with the most points from the following activity wins an ipad 2:

  • Own Blog post (4 points)
  • Guest blog post (4 points)
  • Tweets using hashtag (2 points)
  • Retweets (3 points)
  • YouTube video interview ( 5 points)
  • Presentations e.g. slideshare, screenr, prezi
  • Linkedin updates (2 points)
  • Linkedin discussions (3 points)
  • Linkedin discussion comments (2 points).


It’s an interesting idea, but I’m not participating – largely because I’ve been busy posting on other things over the last few weeks, meaning that I’m already well behind in the points ranking (Peter’s even written a book for them – I can’t even begin to guess how many points he’s earned for that!).

So this post is simply to note that I think it’s an interesting idea –and one that I hope catches on with other companies.

I also think it reinforces what I see as the shift in influence to the social world (see my last but one post).

So I’m sure it won’t take too long for someone to figure out a way of giving me an ipad!



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