Thursday, 14 August 2008

UAE HR: the definitive guide?

     I met with Aamir Rehman, author of Dubai & Co (which I have previously referred to) earlier this week.

Aamir explained that his book is still being seen as the definitive guide to business to Dubai* (a status my HCM book hasn't quite managed to reach - although I still think it's a lot better than Beyond HR which is probably it's closest but much better selling equivalent). But he thinks that there is a clear gap in the market for a definitive book on UAE HR.

Mmmm.  I could be tempted - I'm spending a lot of time there now and I do think the HR agenda is very exciting.  I think I'd need a local practitioner to write it with me though, and probably just an article (for a serious / quality publication) rather than a book.  Anyone up for it?

I'll be back in Dubai from 20th to 27th August so let me know if you want to catch up with me there (on the definitive guide, or anything else!).


* = his publisher's comment, not his own!


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