Friday 30 January 2009

HCM Investment


   This week I've been focusing on my client work, so rather than going to Davos, I've just squeezed in a seminar on management 2.0 and have also linked up to a couple of webinars organised by as part of their HCM Investors Forum, running alongside their Employers of Excellence and Mega VIEW events in Las Vegas.

The forum featured HCM investors, senior HR Executives and HCM solution providers, reviewing the trends and opportunities in the "Human Capital vertical space" worldwide.

The event didn't seem to be that well attended - the current economic environment will have obviously contributed to this.  But I guess, particularly in this sort of area, quality is more important than quantity.  And speakers still mostly concluded that are still significant opportunities in this space.

I just think it's a shame the event didn't do what it said on the tin - and focus on investing in true HCM opportunities (organisations which are themselves investing in their human capital and are tracking and reporting on the impacts of doing this) - rather than simply on investment in HCM technology providers.

Perhaps this could be a focus for next year's conference?


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