Tuesday 29 September 2009

HR Podcasts (update)


We didn’t manage to do Talking HR again last night – show 20 on Social Learning will hopefully now be on Monday 12th October 2009 instead.

Anyway, with a bit more time spare, I thought it might be time to update my original HR podcasts post, given that just over one year has gone by, and that there are now a few more shows out.

This is my impression of the best HR podcast shows currently available.  Listen, download, subscribe:


Bill Boorman (Ready for Lift-off) provides cross-Atlantic commentary and conversation on recruiting, social media etc.
Knowledge infusion's fortnightly Bill Kutik Radio Show (Bill reminds me should say ‘biweekly’ for my American audience) features some great, professional and interesting thought leader interviews.
I’m sure SuccessFactors’ newly named Business Execution Radio podcast is just as good as the previous People Performance Radio (although I must admit, I’ve not yet listened to it since SF’s repositioning).
CIPD Podcasts provide some good analysis, discussion, interviews with CIPD staff and HR professionals.  Some of it will only be relevant to the UK or CIPD members, but much of it does have worldwide application too.
Stephanie Lloyd hosts conversations on recruitment, career management and associated issues at Dream Job Radio

Globoforce Podcasts provides some well argued cases for strategic recognition from Globoforce’s Andrea Dumont and Derek Irvine.
HR.com Podcasts provides the audio from the organisation’s webcasts.  (I find it useful to listen to the podcasts on my iphone and then download the slides from HR.com if I’m sufficiently interested.)

Steve Boese and the HR Minion’s HR Happy Hour – good content, lots of fun and loads of participation.  I may even stay up to join in live one day.
HR Marketer HR Marketer’s HR Market Share Podcast is aimed at HR vendors (I think), but it always includes lots of useful information for practitioners too (you may even learn how to help your IT folk out with SEO).

Human Resources IQ (IQPC)’s HR Today Podcast features interviews with IQPC conference speakers, authors etc.
HR Watches the Office
analyses The Office, NBC’s hit comedy (not quite as good as the original BBC version!) from an HR point of view. This includes discussions with HR pros, leaders, and specialists.

Kenexa HR Thought Leadership is a new podcast series that’s well worth a listen.  There’s also:
-    Lessons In Organisational Change
-   Minds At Work
-   Recruiting Strategies.

Matt Lafata HR Technology Happy Hour Web Mingle is another HR technology podcast, and like the other happy hour above, is always good fun (learn about my favourite sci-fi show here).

The weekly Personnel Today Audio – Friday Podcast provides discussion on recent HR news and other issues - mostly only relevant to a UK audience.

Public Sector HR Podcast – a really interesting, well presented podcast that’s definitely worth listening to by professionals in the private sector too.
Jim Stroud's Recruiters Lounge – HR celebrity interviews and controversial topics that daily affect the fastest growing service industry in the world.  IMHO, the best of several recruiting podcasts.
The Recruiting Animal Show is a ”fast-paced, hardball forum of recruiting infotainment”.  Just turn the volume down!

Chris Ferdinandi’s Renegade HR Podcast is a series of interviews with bloggers, authors and others, supporting Chris’ renegade HR manifesto.

And of course, you know Talking HR. 

Together with Krishna De, an ex-SVP HR and client, and now a leading light in the use of social media, I discuss the latest issues in HR and employee engagement in the digital economy.

Trinet HR Minute provides fairly basic information on different topics – but you have to admire them for fitting this into a 1, well really 2-3 minute, podcasts


You can listen live to the Bill Kutik Radio Show, HR Happy Hour, Mat Lafata, and Talking HR.  The last three also allow (and encourage) you to join in the conversation via the phone.


What other HR podcasts do you think I / my readers should be listening to?


I’m also going to post shortly on other, broader focused podcasts that I’d suggest HR / talent management practitioners should listen to.



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