Friday 16 April 2010

Top Online Influencer in Talent Management


    I’ve been recognised as the top online influencer in talent management.

The recognition comes from John Sumser’s HRExaminer which has already included me in its list of top online influencers in HR.

In one way, this recognition means more for more me, partly because I’ve got the no. 1 slot this time around, but also because I’m more focused on talent and human capital management than I am on traditional HR.

But at the same time, talent management is such as overused and misused term, I think the recognition is in some ways less meaningful.  It’s certainly the first of thee lists where I don’t actually recognise a lot of the other people who are included.

As John states:

“We were all surprised by some of the results. As noted earlier, Talent Management is not the most clearly defined silo in HR. Bill Kutik defines it as a suite of software services. Wikipedia’s definition is the full lifecycle harvesting of human capital. Some people mean ‘succession planning’ (that’s roughly how Bersin and associates define it). While others (many of the people on the list) see it as a euphemism for Recruiting.”


You can see my thoughts on these various definitions here.

I’ll return to the list with some more thoughts on it after I’ve had a look through the blogs of the other people who have been included.

Here’s the top 10:





  • Consulting - Research - Speaking  - Training -  Writing
  • Strategy  -  Talent  -  Engagement  -  Change and OD
  • Contact  me to  create more  value for  your business
  • jon  [dot] ingham [at] strategic [dash] hcm [dot] com



  1. Congrats! The recognition is well deserved.

  2. Thanks Sharlyn, and congrats on #3 for your terrific blog as well.


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